Osteopathy is a form of physical treatment that helps to restore the structure of the body to normal balanced functioning.


Osteopaths are most commonly associated with the treatment of back pain, in fact, they can use their skills in understanding the structure of the body and how it works to affect many other problems; structural strains in the joints, muscles and connective tissues may affect the nerves and blood flow in that area and so have effects on our organs, and nerves.


Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle and subtle style of treatment which is particularly suitable for the treatment of babies and children. Cranial Osteopaths use their understanding of the structure of the skull and of its development to ensure that as a child grows there are no restrictions or distortions in their structure that might prevent them from developing to their full potential.


Although the name 'cranial osteopathy' suggests that this is a form of treatment to the head, cranial osteopaths work on any part of the body in the same way as other osteopaths.