Naturopathy is a system of healthcare that is based on the understanding that human beings have the innate ability to heal and adapt to changes in circumstances and that illness and disease occur when this ability to adapt has been reduced. Naturopaths study health and the conditions that maintain it. There are three aspects to health that the naturopath considers, the chemical, the structural and mental/emotional or spiritual.


The correct chemical balance in our bodies is vital for good health; poor diet & exposure to pollutants and toxins from our environment can upset this balance, leaving us vulnerable to illness and less able to cope with the demands of living.


If we have problems with our structure, as well as the pain and inconvenience of being unable to live fully our general wellbeing may be affected, as the distortions in our physical structure can have effects on our physiology (how our body functions).


Finally, stress, unhappiness and emotional trauma have all been shown to have direct effects on our levels of health.


Naturopaths advise on diet, lifestyle and exercise as well as using natural remedies and physical treatments in order to remove the barriers to health and healing.


As a naturopathic osteopath, Nina considers her patient's state of health as well as their symptoms when putting together a plan for treatment. She may use muscle response testing to gain a clearer picture of the remedies needed and the priorities of treatment and may recommend the use of nutritional supplements, changing eating strategies or the use of specific exercise.