Muscle Response Testing


In her practice, Nina uses muscle response testing in order to:

  • Identify toxicity
  • Identify imbalances in the organs 
  • Identify suitable remedies and supplements

What is Muscle Response Testing?

Muscle response testing is a technique which uses changes in the body’s electromagnetic field as an indicator of responses to specific stimuli. For instance, when we are exposed to a substance that interferes with our normal ability to function, this stress can be detected by a trained practitioner as a change in the response of a particular muscle. The remedy or supplement that helps correct this imbalance will also register a change in the muscle. This technique can, therefore, be used both for diagnosis and guiding treatment. It is not painful or invasive and does not require any great strength of fitness on the part of the patient. Once the practitioner has done the initial body scan tests they will recommend remedies to be taken and also make suggestions on changes in diet and lifestyle that will make the detoxification more effective. The usual pattern is for the patient to then be re-tested after a period in order to check the effect of treatment and to identify the next steps to be taken.

Toxicity & the importance of detoxification:

Toxicity and detoxification are important concepts in natural health. This is because good chemical balance is essential for a person’s body to function correctly, disturbances in this balance make us vulnerable to illness and less able to cope with the stresses and demands of everyday life.
The effects of toxicity vary; often it will be a generalised reduction in wellbeing, so the person feels sluggish, tired and emotionally low. If the toxicity is more severe or the person is particularly sensitive to certain substances, they may start experiencing allergic symptoms, poor digestion, excess mucus production or skin conditions. In cases where the toxicity has been present for a long time or is very severe the person may start to experience illness as the body’s ability to cope becomes so compromised that their organs are strained and their tissues begin to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What produces toxicity?
Toxicity can either come from within, in cases where the body has become unable for some reason to clear its own waste products (for instance with constipation, poor liver or kidney function) or it can be due to a build-up of external toxins from diet, exposure to chemicals or pollutants. Prolonged stress will also tend to reduce our body’s ability to clear toxins.

What are allergies and intolerances?
When someone is allergic to a food or other substance, their body treats it as a threat and produces an immune response, an intolerance is similar, although the immune response may be either less severe or less consistent. Naturopaths use the concept of a toxic load to explain how allergies arise, to put it simply, the more your body is having to cope with the more likely it is to start to over-react to foods or other substances. Many people who suffer from dietary allergies find it hard to deal with the restrictions of a strictly limited diet; detoxification reduces the toxic load allowing the body to become less reactive so that they become able to reintroduce the foods that they have been avoiding.

What is the process of detoxification?
Detoxification has to be seen as a gradual process, our bodies need to be able to clear harmful substances in the correct order, and sometimes in order to detoxify effectively, we must first strengthen and support the organs of elimination. The more the whole process is tailored to the specific needs of the individual the more effective and smooth the process will be. Muscle response testing is a technique that allows the practitioner to gain information on the specific toxins involved, the most effective remedies to use to stimulate their elimination, and the correct order to proceed with the detoxification process.